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Month: July 2016

Miracles…A Fresh Approach

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From My Kitchen….Trying a new burger topping, grilled garlic scapes, simply delicious!

A thought for the day on the subject of miracles….changing one’s approach to a miracle can be a miracle in itself.  Asking for a miracle is always easy and then when one doesn’t appear we immediately turn away from the one we have asked, all in a huff and I know this from experience, but I also know from experience that miracles can only happen when we participate fully in their creation.  Knowing that when we ask, we then need to get off the couch so to speak and push things along.  In other words, get in the game and go out and create a miracle.  God is ready, willing, and able, but He needs you to get the ball rolling.  Like trying grilled garlic scapes on a burger, trying something new can be amazing and miraculous!

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Finding The Humor In Being Intuitive

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From My Friend’s Kitchen…..Lavender Shortbread, a yummy treat that helps you find a reason to smile!

Laughing, sometimes it is the only thing left to do.  Thinking about being intuitive can sometimes leave you a bit, or lets be honest,  very overwhelmed with all the energy swirling around and really putting you at a loss.  What to do, find the humor.  A student of mine recently asked “What did I do wrong to have such a gift?” and my response was to laugh because honestly I couldn’t explain it any other way.  What we do is amazing, how we do it is a mystery, why we do it only God knows why, and yet how we deal with it is our choice.  I think I would rather laugh than cry, find joy within sorrow, light within the darkness and peace in my soul knowing that I do not walk alone for the light of the world is mine to share.  And if that doesn’t work, I eat a piece of lavender shortbread and find something crazy that has happened to me and laugh!  Oh the stories I could tell you!

Believing In God And His Abundance!


From My Kitchen…From the abundance of my garden, a plate of zucchini spaghetti with peas and basil

This morning, first thing, the number 555 just popped into my mind.  What does that mean to me?  It means a major life change, a truly scary thought but my oh my you should be excited!  God is repositioning your life, it’s time, He knows that you are ready, have faith, hope, and trust!  Believe “in” God and His plans for you. The gardens are filled with the abundance of nature, we see it, we touch it, we smell it, we eat it.  Imagine what the abundance of God’s garden holds for us if we just take a moment and go in that direction.  Get moving and recognize the abundance that is you!

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Restoring Faith In One’s Self


From My Kitchen……..Kale and Rice a restoring combination of comfort and nourishment!

As an intuitive there are times when you are in transition and the information is on overload.  The universe seems to be asking way to much of you and those around you can almost sense your openness and loss of control, and just pound away at your soul.  What you can do is ask for help, breathe deeply, and listen for the signs that will quickly reach for you and pull you to safety.  Know that when these occurrences happen, there is a shift taking place, a realignment, a move to a higher level and it will soon pass.  It might take a few days or just an afternoon, but I assure you that when it is all over, you will be left with a sense of clarity, peace, and love within yourself.  A thought to always remember….It is your inner, higher self that has triggered the shift which means that you were ready.  So, shower yourself with great love and gratitude.

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