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Month: September 2016

Releasing With Gratitude And Love

I wish that I had discovered this simple exercise earlier in life.  It really would have come in very handy!  But, as the old saying goes, better late than never. What is releasing with gratitude and love?  It is the conscious effort to learn and grow from the most painful periods and circumstances in our lives.  I find that the written word is key.  When it is time to let a period or circumstances go, write it a thank you note.  When you receive a gift, it is customary to do so, and life lessons learned are no exception.  It is such a wonderful way to let yourself find something good in an otherwise bad situation.  It is truly amazing when you allow yourself the permission to say thank you!  I keep all of the thank you notes that I have written safely tucked away and sometimes the urge to read them hits and I am reminded of how far I have come.  Plus, I always treat myself to an ice cream whenever I write one or reread one!  Lots of Love!

Letting Go Is Opening A Space For Something New!

From My Kitchen………A Simple Lemon Cake to let go of summer and open ourselves up to the fall.


Letting go, a subject I spend a lot of time talking about and referring to when working with people, both young and old.  It is such a beautiful concept!  We are now in the process of letting go of summer, but look what we are opening ourselves up to.  The cooler weather, beautiful foliage, cinnamon, apples, pies, and cakes.  The list could go on and on.  Apply that thought process to your life. What would you be left with if you just decided to let go of the things that cause you worry, stress, sadness, and anger.   An open space for wonderful things is what you would be left with.  Imagine the fun that you could have, if just for a little bit.  It is something that I practice every single day!  Remember, you are never alone!  Sending lots of love….Karen

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Taking A Spiritual Moment….With Food!

Believe it or not, at times, I have to remind myself to take a spiritual moment. Often people call it regrouping, refocusing, taking a break.  A spiritual moment for me means to stop, be thankful, and ask for guidance as to my next steps.  That moment almost always involves food in some way shape or form.  Whether it be working in the garden, cooking, or simply eating, food is a key factor in taking a spiritual moment for me.  Making sure that what I am putting into my body at those moments is just as important as the moment itself.  As an intuitive, how I look at the need for a spiritual moment is simple, it is my body, mind, and soul telling me that it is in need of some kind of nourishment!  For me, I know intuitively what that nourishment is.  We all do, we just have to pay attention to our body, mind, and soul.  A daily practice of being aware of what we eat can give us clues as to where we are and how on or off course that we are.  Taking a spiritual moment is sometimes all that it takes to get us back on the right path.

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