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Month: February 2017

Why The Intuitive Cook?

I get this question a lot!  The simple answer, I love food, cooking and eating.  But on a more serious note, every healer and intuitive guide needs an outlet for the energy that is constantly swirling around them.  My most profound outlet is food. It is an essential to living!  It brings people together no matter what their circumstance, where they are from, or the language that they speak.  It is the language that I use in my daily life to connect to myself, my family, my friends, and to those that I have the privilege of serving.  In describing myself, I will always tell people that I am all about the food.  I hope that this helps and explains why I am The Intuitive Cook! Ciao, Karen

In Setting Out To Regain One’s Balance, Try Yoga

Achieving balance is easier said than done.  Everyone truly knows when they are out of balance, whether it be physically, spiritually, or mentally.  The question then becomes what to do about it.  My answer, go slow, reconnect, and try yoga.  I don’t mean to run out and join a class, I mean to try it at home.  With every phase of my life as an intuitive, there comes a need to balance and refocus the energy.  I use 5 minutes of yoga, most everyday, to help me with the reconnecting.  Life is always in motion and the mindfulness of a few yoga poses allows me to turn inward and check my balance.  Plus, it just makes me laugh and puts me in a great mood, especially since I am usually doing it with 3 dogs.  So how do you start?  You just do.  I have spent years trying to find the right book, teacher, or chart that will provide me with the simple basic poses and a method that works for me.  Well,  I have finally found it in the pages of a children’s book called, Yoga Bunny, by Brian Russo. It is a wonderful story, capturing how I feel about yoga and how I practice yoga!  The best part, it gives you all the basic yoga poses.  No woman doing yoga in high heels, or some young perfectly outfitted girl or guy showing you, it’s a bunny! I have to tell you that for me, it just makes yoga fun, inviting, and easy to do everyday!  Ciao, Karen

Giving Others Their Energetic Space

Energetic space, we all need it, we ask it from others, but do we give it freely without being asked or do we ever simply claim it for ourselves?  I define energetic space as being able to stay within yourself for a period of time. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, being able to remain within that space no matter what.  As an intuitive healer being able to stay in my own energetic space is vital to my daily life and well being.  I get bombarded with so much energy, just simply walking down the street, that it is essential for me to give others their own space and time.  I can’t just jump in and heal without being asked, there is a protocal to my work. Some people don’t want to be healed and I need to respect that.  Giving others their energetic space is simply letting them own what their own actions and feelings are at a particular time and place, and taking no personal responsibility for it.  Patience, love, cooperation, and kindness are essential for growing this part of our spiritual lives.  When you give others their own energetic space, you in turn are actually giving yourself a greater energetic space to grow and learn.  Ciao, Karen

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