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Month: March 2017

In My Kitchen, Food And It’s Preparation Are Sacred Acts

My kitchen….a place where I love to be!  Where food and it’s preparation are sacred acts.  The word sacred may have some thinking that cooking in my kitchen is serious and no fun at all.  When, in fact, the opposite is true.  I don’t take cooking too seriously, eating and where my food comes from, yes, but the actual act of cooking is just fun!  Sacred to me because it is something personal, an expression of love and who I am.  I just don’t cook for anyone.  There is an energy to my kitchen, my cooking, and my food.  You don’t have to like all of my food, you just have to be willing to enjoy the journey and the sacred act of being in my kitchen.  It is a fun place to be!

The Sacred Journey To Well Being

Waking up in the morning is a blissful event.  Another day, another opportunity to live our lives as the sacred beings that we are.  I can honestly say that I am a sacred being.  Can you or the real question is will you? People have a hard time with this.  I know it took me many years, but today, I stand in my truth and there is no going back.  Acknowledging that you are sacred actually makes life a lot simpler.  Everyday decisions become automatic, days become more blissful and life affirming.  Are your eyebrows raised, are you wondering what I am talking about or are you feeling my words resonate within you?  Believe me, I know.  The act of acknowledging being sacred is a fearful exercise, but easy to adjust to.  The act of acknowledging being sacred is having the ability to put yourself first.  Your needs, your wants, and your desires.  It allows you to ask the simple question, what is best for me?  I equate everything with food so this is one of the questions that I ask myself everyday, if I am a sacred being, why would I not only put the very best into my body?  My sacred journey began in my kitchen and there it lives, but it has had a ripple effect in all areas of my life.  In these posts I hope to inspire and teach those willing to acknowledge, accept, and become the sacred beings that they truly are.  Welcome to the sacred kitchen of the Intuitive Cook!

The Power Of The Universe

Have you ever read a book or been part of a conversation, or met someone who truly touched a deep cord within your soul?  A sentence read, a song heard, a word spoken, quite by accident, but one that doesn’t leave you, like a sigh of relief, a deep smile and great knowing that you are not alone.  I have been blessed with these types of  occurrences throughout my whole life, but the one that stands out the most for me was a quick glance at a little cookbook, carried by a customer in the natural food market where I shop.  It was such a brief moment, an insignificant gesture, though it had the power to align my life to my soul’s purpose.  If you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of the universe, that is when miracles happen.  If you have asked for guidance or prayed for a solution to a problem, or asked what is my soul purpose, remember to first give thanks and then take joy in your life and look with a new perspective at the little things that happen every moment of everyday.  It is within these that the answers and solutions will reveal themselves to you.  I sometimes have to laugh at the time that I have often wasted looking for a dynamic, dramatic answer when all that I needed was really right in front of me, had I just opened my eyes and paid attention.  The universe does work in mysterious ways and it does have a unique sense of humor.

Blowing Off Some Intuitive Steam

All work and no play make this intuitive girl long to blow off some intuitive steam.  It is at these times that I flip that intuitive switch to off, turn up the music, open a fabulous bottle of wine and head straight into my kitchen and in the process I find a little peace and release.  Being intuitive is a blessing, but it can become all encompassing at times.  It is so important to release, reboot, and treat yourself kindly.  The kitchen is my sacred place, the music provides a physical release and the wine, well, that is just an added bonus!  Intuitives are no different than anyone else, and everyone needs to blow off some steam every now and then.  It is often after these times that important lessons are learned and wisdom gained.  The life of an intuitive ought to be fun, not restricting and regulated. Sometimes, you just need to bust out of the box that we always seem to put ourselves in.  Give yourself permission to let go and live!  Cheers to blowing off some intuitive steam!

What Do You Feed Your Chickens?

I loved having chickens and I look forward to having them again, but in the meantime, there was a need to find a new source for my weekly egg fix.  The grocery store became that source, having a wide variety of organic and local eggs, but my ever growing need to ask questions about my food has sent me outside of the local grocery store to find a purveyor of backyard eggs that I can actually talk to.  A great source was found within a day of searching, a co-worker, how wonderful and easy.  In chit chatting about her chickens, I realized how much she loved them and cared for them so the situation was going to be perfect. Then came the tough question, what do you feed your chickens?  The topic was discussed and I placed my order.  Simple, but not the end. I started to ask myself why was it so hard to ask about what she feeds her chickens.  If I am going to buy her eggs and consume them, isn’t it logical to want to know where those eggs came from and what those beautiful hens ate?  We all really need to stop feeling guilty about asking and just ask.  Someone once said to me that there is never a stupid question, it is only stupid when you don’t ask.  You are going to find that people love to answer questions and those who don’t, well maybe, you don’t want to know the answer.

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