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Month: April 2017

Letting The Spring Winds Sweep Through You

Spring, what a lovely season!  I love it for the reawakening of nature, the renewal of life,  the creativity that it inspires in my kitchen, and my favorite, the coming of the spring winds.  Wind, that magnificent force of nature,  has the ability to blow sweeping change through your life if you would only allow it.  Change, a scary thought, but necessary to advance us on our way.  It was a windy winter in my neck of the woods and the spring winds have definitely been strong, bringing sweeping changes to my life and those around me.  At times, embracing some of those changes has been one long, hard fought battle, but nature always wins.  For me, there always comes a moment of surrender, a moment when I recognize and acknowledge that it was my inner self, my highest self, that was ushering in the changes and I know deep down that my soul approves.  In hindsight, the changes are always good!  Nowadays whenever the wind blows, I laugh to myself, wondering what my inner self is up to.  Embrace the changes in your life, let the spring winds sweep through you,  and always remind yourself that you asked for changes, so let them happen!

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The Bad Day!

Yes, believe it or not, I have bad days!  Days where my faith is gone and I think what the heck, did somebody forget about me.  Bad days, oh yes!  Days where I have no one to talk to, no one who listens, no one!  I know how it feels, I know what everyone goes through.  It really stinks!  What do I do?  I cry, I scream, but in the end there is nothing for me to do.  I just give myself the space and time to feel bad.  You can feel bad you know.  I always thought that I couldn’t, it wasn’t what was expected of me.  Well, who says you can’t?   I’m saying that you can and you should, how else will feeling good, feel good?  Just don’t stay in it very long. Write your truest sentence and build from there!  Cheers to a bad day!

from bad days, great days come!  kschumann

Pulling Yourself Out Of The Darkness

As a practicing intuitive, I have the greatest honor of being surrounded by the most glorious beings.  A beautiful reality, but you must always remember that with light there is always darkness and I also have the greatest honor of being surrounded by the darkest of beings.  How do I stay in the light? It is not always easy. Over the years I have had to try and try again until I found what worked for me.  One way is that I ask myself daily to write the truest sentence that I know, at that particular moment, and I build on it.  If it is a dark sentence, I know I must pull myself up, out of that sentence and make it about the light.  For it only takes a split second of light to dissolve the darkness.  Only a split second, always remember and hold on to that thought.  Only a split second stands between the light and the darkness.  Ask for help when you need it.  If my sentence is a light sentence, I know that I must jump into that sentence and continue to build on that light.  A kind of filling the well to draw upon when I need it the most.  Acknowledging and honoring are feelings, both light and dark,  is all a part of the amazing practice of being human.

PS  I often find my inspiration in the words and recipes of others.  It was Hemingway who wrote in The Moveable Feast, that as a writer, when you are stuck, write the truest sentence that you know.  Thanks Ernest!

Food, Family, Connecting!

Food is a language that connects everyone.  It is something that we all share.  For me, it is love and family, a connection that runs deep.  Certain recipes connect my family.  Chicken cutlets, my simple rice, my red sauce, white chocolate chunk cookies, and the most notable, dough cakes!  Dough cakes are an Easter tradition and when my children were younger, I only made them once a year, on Easter morning!  I grew up with that tradition and I continue it to this day with only one change.  With my children having moved on to their own lives in different parts of the country and world, dough cakes are now made whenever I have the rare opportunity to see them.  It doesn’t matter where or when, dough cakes will always be on the menu!  If you are looking to connect with your family, both past and present, make a recipe that brings them to you.  I guarantee you that they will be with you, whether in person or in spirit.  Food is a sacred and powerful energy, made to be enjoyed and shared.

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Farro, An Ancient Grain With A Spiritual Grounding Effect

Farro, an ancient form of wheat which I discovered is not only delicious and nutritious, but it also has a profound spiritual grounding effect on me. Essentially, I am a spiritual being living on the physical plain, as we all are, but who, at times, needs to balance my spiritual checkbook.  In our physical world, sadly, money matters!  In our spiritual world, happily, it doesn’t.  This means that we need to balance the two.  Looking at it from a recipe standpoint, it’s simple. Take my farro salad,  I needed to experiment, change different measurements, try different ingredients, to finally get the perfect balance for me.  Balancing our spiritual checkbook can simply be asking ourselves daily, what have I given today and what have I received and to adjust accordingly!

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Bread, One Girl’s Journey

Baking bread is truly a sacred ritual and has been a part of man’s diet since before ancient times.  Bread has evolved from simple flatbreads to the beautiful loaves that we know today.  My question is, when did we decide to make bread the enemy?  Why is it that we, the modern day human, have turned bread into a four letter word?  In my kitchen, a different approach is taken to bread, it is treated as an expression of love for a process that has been on going for thousands of years, something to be enjoyed, appreciated, and savored. History has shown bread to be something basic and life sustaining.  I love the simple act of mixing, kneading, of knowing the ingredients, using organic, non GMO flour, having my kitchen smell of rising bread.  There is nothing more grounding than the act of baking one’s own bread and sharing it with others.  Should we start wondering is it bread that is so bad for you or is it where the ingredients come from and how they are processed that is more dangerous?  Food for thought.

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