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Month: May 2017

Finding Satisfaction And Peace While Living In The Moment!

Whether joyful, playful, sad, angry, in disarray, or just plain neutral, finding satisfaction in living in the moment can bring a deep sense of purpose and peace to your life.  Know for a fact that all moments pass, both good and bad, take them for what they are, moments, just small snippets of time.  A moment is a second, so savor the joyful and let the not so joyful ones pass as quickly as they came. The more practice you have at living in the moment the more room that peace will have to enter your everyday life.  Everyday life will take on a new meaning.  No longer will you worry about tomorrow for you will have learned to enjoy today.

A Thought For The Week

Enjoying today will allow you to enjoy tomorrow!





The word abundance is often interpreted as material wealth.  Material wealth can come and go but it is the abundance within us and our lives that has the power to  sustain us through the very worst of times and, for that matter, the very best of times.  Do not get caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday life. Take them as an opportunity to build on something more substantial in your day. Build something big from the little things. Do not waste time, energy, or even money on things that you can not control, get through them for abundance is hidden within those mundane, day to day tasks.  A great book to pick up, “Make Your Bed” by Adm. William H. McRaven.  You will never look at making your bed the same way again.

My Thought For The Week:

“At the worst possible moment, look for the abundance in the situation”


Words Of Encouragement

Encouraging words that need to be spoken.  You can do anything!  You can climb the highest mountain, you can swim the deepest sea, you can find joy in your heart where you think none exists.  You can do anything!  You can survive and thrive no matter what a situation may seem to be and you can be kind even though you really don’t want to be.  This is what you need to learn, this is what has always been meant for you.  You can do anything! Do what you think is best, do what you feel is right, listen to yourself and have faith that all will work out for the best.  You are blessed, loved, and cherished.  You are never alone and you can do anything! Nothing is too big for you, nothing!

A New Approach To Hesitation

A comment was made…I hesitate a lot and never seem to get anything done.

Hesitation has been given a bad rap.  Like all things, we need to look at it from a different perspective. Hesitation is a gift that you have given yourself, to pause, take a second and notice what you are feeling.  Ask yourself why you are hesitating, really ask and allow your inner self to answer.  A hard thing to do, but with practice it will get easier to tune in and listen.  The more you tune in and listen the less time you will spend hesitating.  Trust yourself and your inner voice, there is a reason why you are hesitating.  Look toward a new direction.

My Repeatable Thought For The Week

                            “Hesitation is good.  How long and why we hesitate is the question.”      



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Opting Out And Going With Option B!

I love words!  Whether written or spoken, they have the power to change things in an instant.  Often, all of us see or hear words that resonate deeply within us.  I have learned to pay attention to those words.  They hold a special message, just for us.  Take the words Option B, the name of a new book about loss.  That simple book title has been an inspiration and clarity giving source for me.  In a nutshell, if Option A is not working out how you had planned, move on to Option B.  That could mean anything from changing your whole direction in life, to something as easy as changing what is on your dinner menu because you can’t find a particular ingredient. For me, after seeing those words, I quickly opted out of Option A and moved on to Option B.  It blew me away how simple and easy it was.  We all have the power to change things in an instant, but first we need to pay attention to the signs and the messages that we are given.

My Repeatable Thought For The Week

                     “Whoever tells you that you can not change the plan, is wrong!”                                                


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