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Month: June 2017

Strength Disguised As Weakness

Find strength in a moment of weakness.  All of us have weak moments, moments when nothing goes right and it seems that the universe is throwing all that it has at you to handle.  Take those moments and realize that they are moments of great strength.  They are moments of acknowledgement, where you recognize what is wrong and what does not fit into your life.  To acknowledge and recognize the parts of yourself that you do not like, leads to acceptance and to the ability to move on.  It is ok to have moments of not liking yourself, your life, the circumstances that surround you or even certain people.  The feelings will pass!

A Thought For The Week

“See your strength in the weakest moments”


She Persisted!

More than a title of a children’s book, the words, she persisted, are a reminder never to give up.  Never give in to negativity or doubt, be persistent in your pursuits and thoughts though challenges may arise. Realize that solutions have already been worked out. Stay clear in your focus and intent and all will work out in your favor. She persisted! Think of a woman or for that matter, a man, in history or in your life that you truly admire and ask yourself, what if they didn’t persist, what if they gave up, where would I be now?

Thought For The Week….

“she persisted”


There Is Power In Change!

Change is inevitable, the beauty lies in realizing that fact, going with it, and actually learning to change the direction of the change.  Today, change something in your life.  Whether big or small, important or unimportant, change something. A perspective, an attitude, a thought, a view, or a deed, change, change, change it. Have one more cup of coffee or one less cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter, change something in your day and watch what happens.  You will start to affect change constantly throughout your day and hence, start being in charge of the changes in your life that are inevitable!  Ciao!

A Thought For The Week….

“Change is inevitable, be in charge of it”


The Humble Gift Of A Monday!

At any moment in every day we have the power to change the direction of our thoughts.  For some, that thought alone is overwhelming and out of reach.  That is why Monday is a humble gift, a simple starting point. A day to breathe, letting the structure of our life take it’s proper place and redirect our thoughts to where they need to be.  So much happens in a day, let alone a week, that having a humble Monday is an essential ingredient to who we need to be.  To be humble is not to be meek or weak, it is an opportunity for strength. For in our humility lies our ability to be human.  The humble gift of Monday, embrace the opportunity and the rest of the week will take care of itself.

A Thought For The Week…..

Being humble is having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance


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