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Month: August 2017

Do Not Be Afraid Of Being Happy!

Be happy and joyful, full of life, love, and living.  To be happy in the midst of those who are not is a skill, a mindset, that you must practice on a continual basis.  You can be around people who are sad, negative, and angry and still be happy.  Do not feel guilty or ashamed.  Understand and accept that to be in a state of happiness means that you must have gone through a state of sadness, that is how it works. Do not minimize the pain that you have been through just because someone else is in that same place.  You have worked hard to get to a place of happiness, let no soul take that away from you.  Do not be afraid to be happy!  Happiness is catching!  You might just become responsible for bringing about change in those around you.  Be happy!

Thought for the week….

If you are happy, be happy!


In God’s Perfect Timing

Yes, there is a God, and yes, there is such a thing as perfect timing.  Time does not exist in the realm of angels and enlightened beings, something that we must come to accept, surrender to,  and adjust to.  Thoughts must be integrated along with messages for their desired effect.  Please know that you are watched over, administered to and greatly loved.  Messages need time to be processed and must be delivered when the timing is right.  Become aware and be assured that your thoughts are correct.  You must resolve old issues in a timely fashion, thus allowing you to move forward when the timing is perfect.  Messages are just that, messages.  You must allow the emotion to run its course.  Know that you will receive information in plenty of time to adjust.  Do not rush the process, it is essential to your growth and development here on this earth.

Thought For The Week…..

“Yes, there is a God and He does know what he is doing!”


The Vibrant Colors Of Nature

Notice the colors that surround you.  The vibrant colors of life.  The bright yellow of the finch, the striking red of the cardinal, the deep purple of the butterfly bush. They are a simple, yet strong reminder of the beauty of life, the beauty of our own existence on this planet.  If we can take notice and enjoy what is presented, then can we not take notice and enjoy the beauty of ourselves?  Take a moment to stop, be still, and reflect upon the vibrant colors that surround you.  Find joy and peace.  Have faith that there is a plan, that God does exist, and that there is a reason for your existence, your life force.  Life is vibrant, use the beauty of nature as a sign that all is well and that anything is possible.

Thought For The Week…..

“Allow the vibrant colors of nature to pull you deep within”



Try Living In Your Own Perfect World!

Why not try starting each day living in your own perfect world?  Ask yourself what would that be.  At first, the answer might be startling.  You might not care about the world around you or what people are saying or doing.  You may just not want to answer that phone call or text.  A perfect day might be no personal drama, no work crisis, no health issue, or no financial worries.  When all of that is striped from your day, ask yourself again, what would living in your own perfect world be like?   The mere thought of that will bring a smile to your face.  Imagine what that day would be!  Those thoughts are what you want to put out to the universe for all to see.  Our thoughts are powerful and are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and our lives.

Thought For The Week….

“Our thoughts act as a mirror, adjust them accordingly”



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