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Month: September 2017

How To Begin Your Day On A Positive Note

You must always remember that each of us has the power to change things in an instant.  To begin your day on a positive note, you must end the previous one on a positive one.  No matter how good or bad a day may or may not be, you can decide how it ends.  Even to say, thank goodness, that was a terrible day and I just do not want to do it again, changes a negative to a positive in a single second. When a day is great and we wish for another, it keeps that positive momentum going.  Remember, that while we sleep, we rest, so shouldn’t you give yourself the chance to dream of every wonderful possibility and bring that positive energy into each  new day?  Beginning your day on a positive note is truly that simple.

Thought For The Week…..

If you end each day on a positive note, then each day will start off on one!


Honoring Our Spirit

How does one honor their spirit?  You honor your spirit by simply listening to it and making a shift in the direction that it is leading you.  Your spirit senses the subtle changes in your moods, your reactions to certain circumstances long before you ever realize them yourself.  Adjustments are made on the spiritual plain and your direction is simply altered to adjust to what is best for you.  By honoring this movement, we honor ourselves and our path becomes clear.

Thought For The Week……

By honoring the movement of spirit, we honor ourselves, and our path becomes clear


Taking A Second Look At Change

Change….a scary, often painful journey for some.  It is easy to run from.  It does not have to be this way.  It should be viewed as a joyful event, just as a wedding, a baby’s birth, or a new home is.  There are many emotions associated with these events, both negative and positive, but the end result is that of joy.  Take a second look at change.  In reality, change only occurs when our soul has granted permission.  Yes, your soul has given permission for changes to occur.  It is how you react to those changes that determines the outcome.

Thought For The Week…

Change only occurs when our soul has granted permission


Balancing Our Spirit And Nature!

We have come to understand that our natures, both physical and spiritual, need to be in sync.  Likewise, there needs to be balance between our human existence and that of Mother Nature.  If we strip all of nature away for our own pleasure and need, we will eventually be left with nothing.  As we strip from nature, with no regard to what surrounds us, know that we are also stripping away the beautiful nature of the living creatures and thus our own spirit.  Our spirit lives in the song of the birds, the peace of the deer, and the abundance of the rabbit, When we strip their ability to do what comes naturally, we strip from ourselves our ability to live in our natural state, that of  peace, joy, and love.

Thought For The Week……

Our spirit lives in the song of the birds, without that song, we are nothing!


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