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Month: January 2018

Don’t Rush Closure

Closure, the act or process of closing something.  Whether it be a relationship, a job, or a situation in life, do not rush closure, for it will come naturally.  Everyone rushes, hurries to the end just so that it can be done to spare us being uncomfortable, or feeling any angst.  Know that through that angst comes the ability to close a chapter or book the right way.  Is there nothing to be said for completing a job well?

Thought For The Week……

“Is there nothing to be said for completing a job well?”


Anything Is Possible And Miracles Do Happen!

You would think that miracles would be a lot more complicated and need more space for an explanation, but they are not. They are actually quite basic and fundamental in nature.  Anything is possible and miracles do happen.  The technique is simple.  For it is not purely about the thought, with  it must come action!  Your action!  If you want a miracle, get moving!  First, ask God for it. Second, ask yourself what you are willing to do to achieve it.  Third, get moving! Miracles only happen when the energy is moved!

Thought For The Week……..

“Miracles are basic and fundamental in nature”


Perseverance, Patience, And Trust

Some equate perseverance and patience with suffering or just getting by.  It should equate with trust.  Trust yourself, your feelings, your reactions, your choices, for they are the correct ones for your situation.  When a challenge is thrown at you, go in the opposite direction.  Be glad, be patient, persevere, and trust.  The challenge is a reminder that you are going in the right direction.  The right choice has been made and you are working through all that needs to be worked through.  Go with it, ride the wave of challenge and know that what you are doing matters!  To be complacent is no fun at all.

Thought For The Week…..

“To be complacent is no fun at all”


Allowing The Universe To Work

The universe is always working!  Just as a GPS will adjust your route when a wrong turn is taken, so does the universe.  The difference between a GPS rerouting and the universe adjusting is time.  You must always give the universe time to catch up and redirect correctly.  Do not be in a rush for the rerouting, you don’t want to miss the turn.  If you do, it is just one big old pain, for everyone! Stay the course, listen, and most certainly, take direction from the universe!  It really only has your best interest at heart.

Thought For The Week……..

“Do not be in a rush for redirection, you don’t want to miss the turn”


Wisdom And A Happy New Year!

The sequence of events.  Courage, saying yes, strength, saying no,  joy, finding inner peace, and finally, wisdom, knowing that your journey is at an end.  Wisdom moves you forward, it is a lightweight suitcase that accompanies you to the next phase, the next journey, the next book.  Wisdom closes doors and opens them all in the same breath.  Take with you only what you can not leave behind.  What were your first thoughts for the new year?  Who were the people that you thought of?  What are the things that you cherish most?  There is wisdom in packing light!  Happy New Year!

Thought For The Week…..

“There is wisdom in packing light”


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