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Intuitive Coaching and Consulting For Individuals

Intuitive coaching and consulting sessions can clear a path to truth, clarity, and light.  It can be for the individual looking for balance, peace, or to simply clear their own energy field.  It can be geared for the individual going through changes, considering changes in or to their life,  such as in relationships, career, family, romance and their own spirituality as well as facing difficulties and emotional times.  I am an intuitive coach and consultant to one’s soul and one’s own energy source.

Sessions can be in person, by phone or email.

15 minutes      $40.00

30 minutes      $60.00

60 minutes      $120.00

90 minutes   $180.00

Included in each session are follow up questions or what I like to call “clarifying questions”.  These questions are answered in a very direct manner and are done through email.  A lot of information is given during a session so I like to give clients a few days to absorb the information and allow clarifying questions to come to the surface.