The question of the day, what happened to that girl?  That girl was funny, creative, and carefree, always seeing the best in every situation even when her life was falling apart or was it?  Maybe that should be the question that I ask today. Was my life really falling apart or was I simply saying enough is enough, I want something different, more in tune to whom I really am?  Going through your past is often painful and full of emotion, but the hidden gem for me was discovering myself in the wreckage.  That beautiful girl that I love!  The one who loves life, food, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, sitting by the fire, her children, her home, her animals, her friends, her family! I love life and I believe in love!  I believe in miracles and I believe in what I do!  Can you say the same thing?  If not, I think you need to sift through the wreckage!  I promise, you are well worth the effort!

Thought For The Week……….

“finding yourself in the wreckage of your past makes all of your efforts worthwhile”



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